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Newport Family Medicine Philosophy and Vision


  • We are dedicated to treating the individual as a "whole" person, attending to the emotional and psycho-social needs as well as the physical.
  • We believe in and encourage the individual's participation in their medical care.
  • We believe that all patients are entitled to respect and compassion from the physician and staff.
  • We believe that the patient/physician relationship is a partnership and is best accomplished by ongoing care from one physician or a physician/extender team.
  • We believe that the patient deserves to receive "value" in their medical care.
  • We provide the appropriate medical services, being conscious of the cost to society of providing unneeded services.
  • We provide the same quality care regardless of insurance.
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  • Newport Family Medicine developes a partnership with our patients and community. We are dedicated to providing high quality healthcare in a compassionate, ethical, and caring environment.
  • We are committed to excellence, both professionally and personally.
  • This can be achieved through mutual respect, understanding, education, and the promotion of wellness.